Grease Guard for Contractors & Architects

As contracted businesses it is important that customer satisfaction is the top priority. As part of this importance we must also consider all the problems, pain points, and Issues that could arise or already exist from our decisions or the decisions others. In all cases this involves a level of knowledge and the ability to consult our clients using the best information possible. Here are some things you need to consider when including Grease Guard in your current or open projects.

Including Grease Guard in Your Projects

  • Know the fan schedule from the project drawings. These parts of the mechanical drawings will be needed by our teams to properly size the containment system for your job. Need CAD files? Scroll down!
  • If possible, include Grease Guard in the specifcation verbiage. You can find verbiage below to include our product properly into your project. Ensuring the proper verbiage is included will prevent any confusion for the rest of the team. Need specification verbiage? Scroll Down!
  • Pricing, pricing, pricing. Getting proper prices for the system from our team is needed, but you also need to consider mark up to your customer for not only the product but also installation. Call us to discuss common mark ups for our products. Request a quote here!
  • Get educated. Knowing about rooftop grease production, the Grease Guard product itself, and how to properly install and maintain it will not only increase your chances of job approval but will provide your customers with very useful knowledge about Grease Guard ownership. See our Resource Library for full product information!
  • Be prepared to dicuss maintenance. All rooftop grease containment systems require some type of maintenance. If you are planning on providing maintenance after the install be ready with filter replacement prices and OEM procedure. We can ship filters to you, your customer, or have our national service team perform the work for you. Educate your customer on ttheir options and find out what they would prefer. See our Service page for details on Rooftop Solutions maintenance programs!

By using these five steps, you will be sure that rooftop grease containment is properly addressed. Look below for resources that will help you. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us!