Image showing grease on the roof of facilities with solutions that haven't been maintained or are not working to contain grease on the rooftop.

Grease Guard for Restaurants & Hospitality

Simply put, grease travels through your exhaust system and the ductwork in your kitchen. Eventually, the exhaust fan will be coated in this grease which begins to seep onto the roof deck. If you notice the problem, hopefully before the roof incurs any type of damage, you may try to solve the issue yourself with a pickle bucket, kitty litter, or even landscaping rock. However, these solutions will simply just not work, either at all or over time. There are many systems out there that claim to properly address this problem. We have a real solution. Have questions? Contact us!

Here are some things you need to consider when sourcing a rooftop grease containment system.

Rooftop Grease Containment Considerations

  • The grease containment system must absorb fats, oils, and greases. The more the merrier. This is typically done with a sorbent material much like a napkin or paper towel but on a more robust, industrial scale. Containment capacity is a vital measurement in your rooftop grease containment needs. How much grease are you producing? How much do you need to absorb on the rooftop? Can my grease containment system meet that expectation? The Grease Guard can be configured to any size and style to accommodate your needs!
  • The containment system will manage the elements just as well as — if not better than — grease. With exposure to the outside world, the system will need to endure water, wind, falling debris, and everything else mother nature can throw at it. If the grease is just going to mix with the rainwater and run down the drain, then it isn’t very effective. The Grease Guard is made of hydrophobic (water resistant) materials.
  • It cannot turn into a literal fuel tank. The only thing worse than a fire spreading across the rooftop riding a trail of grease is a large quantity of grease centered around the fire source in a nice big containment system. The Grease Guard addresses the needs of fire suppression, control, and prevention. 
  • Installation of containment systems can be a messy business. In most cases beyond new build-outs, cleanup of the current grease must be considered. This will usually require a contractor, likely your exhaust cleaner, to clean up the grease on the rooftop currently. Depending on how long the grease has been baking in the sun, removal of this fried rooftop grease can reveal or even cause damage. It is important that you are prepared to have a roofing inspection completed along with your cleanup or shortly after. If you have a warranty in place, this should be completed by the original installer. You should call the installer of your roof system for clarification. Our national service team can help!
  • ALL rooftop grease containment requires care and maintenance. Most grease containment systems use a series of filters to absorb FOGs. Once these filters reach their capacity, they will need to be replaced. It should also be noted that containment maintenance is an ongoing process. As long as you are cooking, you will need a containment service provider. Our service teams can provide this maintenance for you, or we can ship the filters to you!
  • Additionally, during kitchen exhaust cleanings, the containment systems will need to be covered. This is because the chemicals used to clean your exhaust system are usually oil-based, and if those cleaning chemicals touch your containment, they will be absorbed into the system. This is a waste of your system’s filters. We recommended that you put us in touch with your KEC provider to ensure this due care is given. We will customize a program just for you!
  • In most kitchen hood systems, you will have different cooking equipment being covered. You may also have different exhaust fans on the rooftop to meet different air flow needs. Due to these variables, your containment systems must be adjusted accordingly. Your rooftop may need more than one containment system and require different models to ensure everything is collected properly. The Grease Guard has different sizes and styles to accommodate all of your needs!

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Benefits of Grease Guard & Statistics

  • Prevent legal liabilities and workman’s comp claims. That is up to $107,000 per claim!*

  • Protect your roofing system and its warranty. Estimated Average value is $40,000!*

  • Protect your investments from fire damage. There are 7,000+ restaurant fires every year totaling over $200 million in direct damage. *

  • Reduce your operating costs. Preventative Maintenance on rooftops can provide up to almost 500% ROI over life of ownership.*

  • Keep fats, oils, and greases out of our storm drains and sewer system. Fines are now up to $25,000 per day!*

Get compliant with OSHA, NFPA, EPA, & Property Management requirements.

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