How Grease Guard® Works

Breaking down every part of the Grease Guard

Every component of Grease Guard® Rooftop Defense Systems® are engineered for a very specific purpose. We ensure that we address all requirements of proper rooftop grease containment. Have questions? Contact us.

Grease Guard® Rooftop Defense Systems® are specifically engineered to properly collect and contain rooftop discharge. Each part of our system has a specific purpose that ensures your rooftop is properly protected. The Grease Guard® not only collects fats, oils, greases, and chemicals, it also takes other key factors into consideration. The Grease Guard® is also:

Weather resistant

All the filters are hydrophobic. This essentially means that water will bead off and filter through the system without being absorbed. The filters also are designed to protect from UV Rays, preventing long-term damage to the filter system. Additionally, The unit is low profile and installed tightly around the curb, preventing wind gusts from carrying the stand-alone Grease Guard® off of the rooftop.

Fire resistant

We spray each layer of the Grease Guard®  with a fire retardant chemical that meets NFPA 96 standards. This has been proven by Underwriters Laboratories through extensive fire testing. It is important that grease contained in our system is not a fuel tank for a kitchen exhaust fire.


The Grease Guard® does not interfere with exhaust equipment operation. It is installed around the base of the exhaust equipment without ever having to shut off power to your operation. This means maintenance can be done during hours of operation. The unit is also built structurally sound enough to ensure other teams on your rooftop won’t affect the Grease Guard’s ability to absorb contaminants.


The Grease Guard® has many variations and sizes to meet even the most robust containment demands. With our XHD heavy duty filters, to our small single sided Drip Guard®, we can configure a solution for any type of ventilation equipment where fats, oils, greases, and chemicals are a problem.

Easy to install and maintain

A part of the success of Grease Guard® is the fact that they are very easy to install and maintain. There is a lot of science that goes into our product, but the ease of use brings that science right to your rooftop in a way that anyone can take advantage of the benefits. The way rooftop grease containment should be!

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Grease Guard rooftop grease containment exploded view.