Standard Multi-Utility-Fan Grease Guard (XD99x165)


The XD99x165 Grease Guard unit is designed for industrial exhaust applications.  This product is also available in XHD which provides twice the absorption capacity.  Unsure if this product will work for you? You can always request a quote! Our sales team will reach out and help you make sure you have what you need.

This unit ships palletized via freight and is subject to LTL freight charges. For special shipping considerations please contact us. See additional details below for boxing and weights or view the provided Product Configuration Chart.

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The Standard Multi-Utility-Fan Grease Guard (XD99x165) unit is designed for special exhaust fan arrangements where multiple utility fans are placed in close vicinities. This can also be used in industrial applications. This product is also available in XHD which provides twice the absorption capacity.

Grease Guard Rooftop Defense Systems® are rooftop grease containment systems. They are installed around fat, grease, oil, & chemical producing exhaust fans and ventilation equipment. They are designed to collect and effectively prevent those discharges from damaging rooftops, providing fuel to fire, and polluting our water supplies amongst other benefits. Grease Guards are installed on over 20,000 rooftops nationwide and protect our customers from cooktop to rooftop.

As a business owner, facilities manager, property manager, or anyone else who’s job it is to protect the company’s investments, you need to know that fats, oils, and greases are on the rooftops above your commercial kitchens. These fats, oils, and greases can cause numerous hardships that no one in any company should have to experience. This includes the liability of someone slipping and falling off of your roof access ladder, a grease fueled fire in your kitchen destroying the building, or the unforeseen expenses caused by unexpected fines from a landlord. Not to mention the potential for someone being hurt physically, which can have long term negative impacts for you, your company, and the communities you serve.

Grease Guards can be configured to any size to meet the demands of any exhaust fan type or roofing application. In order to ensure your issues are handled correctly, we need to determine your specific configurations and build a program tailored to those needs. This can be accomplished through photos and measurements of your exhaust equipment taken by your team, a contractor, or our own self-performing service team. We will take it from there by assigning a dedicated sales team member! Already have pictures and measurements? Request a quote!

We work hard to ensure our products and services are the best in the country. This is the most oil absorbent, structurally sound, closed, and listed rooftop grease containment system on the market today! Get your Standard Multi-Utility-Fan Grease Guard today!

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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 22 in
Total Shipping Weight

170 lbs.

Shipping Type

Palletized Freight


99'' x 165''

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