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The Grease Guard product REQUIRES maintenance in order to funciton properly. To ensure this happens, we have our own in house maintenance to handle all of your containment needs! Additionally, we perform other services to ensure we add value every time we are on your rooftop. See below for more information!

Whether you need clean up, installation, removal, or another product installed to prevent fats, oils, and greases from getting to your rooftop, we can help! We offer multiple services to protect your investments! Contact us today to get your location protected.

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HVAC Air Filter ReplacementRegulary changing your air filters increases indoor air quality as well as decresase load on your HVAC equipment. Rooftop Solutions understands these vital needs and offers regular filter replacement either during your other services, or stand alone on a seperate frequency.

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Hood FiltersYour hood filters above your cooking surfaces are barraged daily with smoke, grease, and sparks. This makes them break, distort, or become impossible to clean. we can prevent the worry and hassle of research and purchasing proper hood filters! Contact us today!

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National Company, National Results

We are a national company that can handle just one of your locations or all of them. That includes rooftop grease containment & HVAC air filter replacement!

Our Field Technicians are fully trained and employed by us. We do not sub-contract any of our work. All employees are badged and automated with the latest technology available. This helps streamline your services in a way that is easiet for you and your company. We got you covered!

Don’t see your location? Contact us to find out how to get service in your area!

Our Field Technicians travel large routes to ensure your Grease Guard is serviced on a quarterly basis. Let us know how we can help.

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National Continuity

All work performed by Rooftop Solutions follows a very specific, customer tailored, scope of work that is strictly followed in all parts of the mainland USA. It is important to us that every service is done exactly the same from coast to coast.

  • Central Point of Contact
  • Optimized Contractor Communication Nationwide
  • Proper Prioritization and Scheduling of Work Orders and Locations Seamless Program Scope Modifications
  • Time and Cost Efficiency
  • Long Term Contractor Security
  • Key Market Experience

National Efficiency

Here at Rooftop Solutions we pride ourselves on the most efficient solution to the pain points you may face everyday in your current operation. Over our 20+ years of experience we have learned and relearned many times the different methodologies and systems as well as their pros and cons from all over the country.

  • Reduce the “Contractor Blame Game”
  • Reduce Service Charges
  • Consistency of Work