What is a Grease Guard®?

A closer look into Grease Guard.

Grease Guard Rooftop Defense Systems® are rooftop grease containment systems. They are installed around fat, grease, oil, & chemical producing exhaust fans and ventilation equipment. They are designed to collect and effectively prevent those discharges from damaging rooftops, providing fuel to fire, and polluting our water supplies amongst other benefits.

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Grease Guard Upblast Exhaust fan rooftop grease containment designed for keeping grease off of the roof
GREASE GUARD XD – Medium Production
Industrial size Grease Guard rooftop grease containment to keep grease off of your roof.
Grease Guard XHD – High Production
Drip Guard – Low Production

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our Advanced Filter Composite ® traps fats, oils, greases, and chemicals in ALL weather conditions by being both hydrophobic (water resistant) and oil sorbent (the ability to absorb oils). The Grease Guard is completely standalone, does not attach to the roof, and does not interfere with exhaust equipment operations.

Why do I need a Grease Guard?       

The Grease Guard prevents harmful substances from reaching your sensitive roofing membranes and the environment. With Grease Guard in place you can potentially prevent:

• Slip/fall accidents
• Fire hazards (and their inherent dangers)
• Regulatory fines from the NFPA, EPA, or OSHA
• Liability and/or workman’s comp claims
• Roof damage (and the associated costs)
• Storm drain pollution
• Damage to the local ecosystem & wildlife

How do these substances reach my rooftop?

There is grease that is pulled into the hood/ventilation system and the ductwork in your kitchen areas from the exhaust fan and ventilation equipment. As this happens it begins to solidify and stick the ductwork on its way to the rooftop. Eventually, the exhaust fan will be coated in these substances which begins to seep onto the roof deck.

How do I determine my need for Grease Guards?

The best way to start is to inspect your rooftop for the signs of these substances being present. You should start with the main exhaust equipment above manufacturing or cooking operations and then continue until you have inspected the entirety of the rooftop. Taking pictures of what you find is often a best practice. Once you have determined what is actually happening on your rooftop you can contact us to help you determine which rooftop grease containment product will work best for you.

What do I need to know about Grease Guard ownership?

The Grease Guard is not a set it and forget it” solution. As our filter systems reach their absorption capacity the filters MUST be replaced in order for it to continue to function as designed. For that reason, our teams, and many other contractors can provide the replacement media for the Grease Guard units. The frequency of these replacements depends largely on the level of production. For that reason, it is important you include an informed professional in your Grease Guard maintenance program.

We have a Grease Guard for every situation. Even if that means we customize it just for you! Call us to discuss your options!