Protecting Your Investments From The Top

Rooftop Solutions is the ONLY manufacturer authorized service provider to Grease Guard® Rooftop Defense Systems®. In addition, our quality driven service team can help your facilities lower costs by performing multiple services at lower costs during one service.

Serving 5,000+ commercial rooftops across the USA, Rooftop Solutions delivers grease containment and HVAC air filter changes for your facility. Whether you are a restaurant, property developer, commercial or industrial building… we’ve got you covered!

You can rest assured that with the Rooftop Solutions Full Service Maintenance Program in place, your facilities will be protected.

Every Service Includes:

  • Professional, badged and uniformed technicians in professionally logo’d vehicles
  • Before, after, and during photo reporting with immediate time of service picture review
  • Digital work order review with location management
  • Scopes of work tailored around your needs
  • Relationship based Account Management and centralized point of contact.