Rooftop Solutions is the ONLY manufacturer authorized service provider to the Grease Guard® Rooftop Defense System®. In addition, our quality driven service team can help your facilities lower costs by performing multiple services at lower costs during one service.


Every Service Includes:

  • Professional, badged and uniformed technicians in professionally logo’d vehicles
  • Before, after, and during photo reporting with immediate time of service picture review
  • Digital work order review with location management
  • Scopes of work tailored around your needs 
  • Relationship based Account Management and centralized point of contact.


The Grease Guard® Rooftop Defense System® is the industry leading solution in rooftop grease containment. For every situation and configuration Grease Guard has a solution to accommodate your operation while saving continually saving you money throughout the life of the product. Rooftop Solutions is the proud Official Service Provider of the Grease Guard® Rooftop Defense System® See below at the Grease Guard services Rooftop Solutions has to offer:


Grease Guard® Rooftop Grease Containment System® Installation – Grease Guard® installation is for locations that currently do not have a grease containment system around their required equipment, we would use this service to install a new unit(s) to protect them from the harmful effects of grease. This type of work usually includes one of the other service such as: Roof Clean-Up, Grease Guard® Rooftop Assessment, Containment Removal, and/or a Grease Guard® Remedy.

Your Grease Guard® Rooftop Grease Containment System® Installation can include:

  • Containment Removal – Some customers may have a containment system on the roof that needs to be uninstalled.
  • Roof Clean-Up – If grease exists on a rooftop, we certainly cannot install grease containment on top of it.


Grease Guard® Full Service Program – Grease Guard® maintenance is a required and vital part to Grease Guard® ownership. This service will ensure the Grease Guard® continues to perform at maximum capacity for the life of the product. Our professional Service Technicians will visit your location on a set frequency to ensure all parts of the system meet our strict grease absorption quality standards, and best of all, all of our technicians are employees of Rooftop Solutions. We do not utilize any sub contractors to perform any of our work. In this way we can ensure the work will be completed according to your scope of work with our 20+ years of experience, nationwide!


Alternate Containment Installation & Maintenance – Have a grease containment solution that isn’t a grease guard? NO PROBLEM! Rooftop Solutions can support the installation & service of any formal containment system on the market today! Contact our offices and let us customize a solution for you!


HVAC Air Filter Replacement – Air filtration is an important step toward not only social responsibility but also financial respsonsibility. Regulary changing your air filters increases indoor air quality as well as decresase load on your HVAC equipment. Rooftop Solutions understands these vital needs and offers regular filter replacement either during your other services, or stand alone on a seperate frequency.


For any questions regarding services provided by Rooftop Solutions please contact us for more information. We are standing by to make sure you are protected from the top!